How to create User Stories

1. How to run the Games’ Editors

In our games, you can access the Games’ Editor to create custom levels tailored to the patient’s therapeutic needs, referred to as “Stories.” To navigate to this page, simply click the designated button.

You can filter the games, depending the number of the patients(see the “How to run our games” section)

Click the desired game to open it’s menu window

The editor game’s pop up window is very similar to the games menu:

1:  The game’s editor that you are going to run #

2:  What kind of input the game is using depends on your therapeutic target. #

3:  Showing which part of the body the patient is going to exercise(some games have more inputs,will be covered in a later section) #

4: Select the input that you want to run the custom level. #

5: Press the “PLAY” button to run the editor #

Creating a story requires the mouse only, however, there is always the option to run/test the level from the game’s editor itself. That’s why we give the option to choose the input before you run the game’s editor.

2. How to run the custom levels/Stories

Once you have created a story, it is saved in the game’s Database and it can be run from within the game, by clicking the corresponding button, or by the “Stories” tab in the platform.

Here we will cover how to run the Story from the platform. You can open the “Story” tab by clicking this button:

Once you click it you can see all the stories that you have created from all the games:

To help the user to navigate through the page, we have included tools.

1: The type of the story. Clicking one of the icons, it filters the stories. A story can be Global, Shared, Owned. #

Global: A Story that can be shared with all the users #
Shared: A Story that can be shared with a friend from your friend list #
Owned: Only the creator can see these stories #

2: The games’ lists with custom Stories to play with. Clicking one of the games, it shows only the selected game’s Stories #

3: It shows the Stories available to play #

4: the creator’s username #

5: the Play button #

6: how many times the Story has been played #

Clicking a game’s Story, it opens the game’s menu window like it happens with all the games from the Games Tab:

All you have to do is to choose the input method (number 1) and press the Play button (number 2)

There is also the option to edit a story from the Story’s tab by clicking the “edit” button. By pressing it, you run the game’s editor, with the Story loaded, so you can modify the Story’s parameter.