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What is STASISM?

Welcome to Stasism, the innovative platform that helps you achieve your therapeutic goals through physical play and fun. Whether you have disabilities or you need physiotherapy, Stasism is designed to be accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of physical therapy while having a great time.



  • Our first-time recommendations are tailored to your therapeutic goals, and Stasism automatically adjusts to your physical abilities and skill level. All our games are played physically, which makes them immersive and enjoyable. You can forget that you are doing physical therapy and just focus on having fun and getting the benefits for free.


How to Play?

  • Each game is adjusted to your patient, and they can play with whatever range of motion they have, using their fingers, hands, arms, legs, head, torso or even their mouth.
  • All games are played physically! The most immersive way possible.
  • Forget that you are doing physical therapy! Just play, have fun and get the benefits for FREE!



Stasism games can be played in a variety of ways using different body parts, from fingers to legs, arms, and many more. Each game targets specific body parts, and you can choose from a range of full-body exercises to balance and cognitive training. We are proud to say that Stasism has been scientifically proven to increase balance control in just two weeks.

Crazy Racing

Wild Wheels and Adrenaline Rushes

Let's do some Crazy Racing! Choose your hero and vehicle and see if you can beat all the races in this super fun racing experience. Play alone or race against all your friends. Control the racing car with your balance board, your entire body or simply throw your hands up in the air and use them as a steering wheel!


Unleash the Fury, Save the World

Save the world in Crusher by demolishing an evil empire. Control fire-breathing with your head and mouth, use your fists to slam down the tentacles and get around using body movements!


A Magical Scrolling Adventure

Discover HEX, the mesmerizing 2D scroller that takes you on a magical adventure with our whimsical witch. Glide through an enchanting realm, overcome bewitching challenges, collect mystical coins, and unlock powerful potions. Experience the captivating world of HEX and let the thrilling ride cast a spell on you!

Super Surfer

Ride the Waves of Adventure

The time to be a Super Surfer has arrived! Choose between playing alone or inviting someone along so both of y'all can enjoy this great adventure together, and get ready because there are some really fun levels in store - especially those involving a spooky mansion…

Control your Super Surfer using the balance board or your entire body.


Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Roxxer is a captivating and interactive music game for all ages where you can release your inner rock star. Use your balance board, your entire body or simply play the air-guitar in this immersive musical experience!

Up You Go

Conquer the Cliffs and Reach the Summit

Welcome to Up You Go, the exhilarating climbing adventure that will have you scaling new heights! Take on the role of our fearless climber as you ascend treacherous cliffs, nimbly dodging falling objects and navigating precarious ledges. With every step, the summit draws closer, and your determination grows stronger. Can you conquer the cliff and claim your place among the elite mountaineers? Put your skills to the test in Up You Go and reach for the sky!


More Games


Body Controls

  • Games can be played in a variety of ways.
  • Use your mouth, fingers, hands, shoulders, torso, legs, arms and many, many  more.

Did you know that Stasism has been shown, scientifically, to increase balance control in just 2 weeks?!



  • Our platform also offers multiplayer games that allow you to play with old and new friends from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy quality time with your child while playing together, and playing together is always more fun. You can even play your favorite third-party games physically, from Minecraft to Call Of Duty and many more. Each game has a specific therapeutic goal.


3rd Party Games

  • We support several 3rd party games
  • Play your favourite games physically!
  • From Minecraft, to Pinball to even Call Of Duty and many more.
  • Each game has a specific therapeutic goal.
  • Let your patients play their favourite games physically!
  • All session data goes back into the platform



Stasism offers multiple assessments to help you track your progress, and you can create your own assessments if you want. Our platform provides a massive list of interactive exercises that you can explore, and you can design your own exercise program and change it whenever you want.



  • A massive list of interactive exercises are available
  • Explore your historical performance with our advanced and easy-to-use tooling!
  • Detailed reporting for each and every session


Design your own

  • Design your own exercise program.
  • Follow it for the set amount of time and change it whenever you want.


GMFCS Support

We support GMFCS I-IV, which means that it doesn't matter if you are in a wheelchair, use a walker or walking aid, or can stand on your own. Stasism will automatically adapt itself to your abilities and help you achieve your goals.


Stay Motivated

Stasism constantly rewards you for your awesome work, and you can earn achievements for each game. You can also create your own versions of the games and share them with your friends or even the whole world. Similand is a virtual persistent social world that allows you to meet new friends and customize your avatar. You can also see detailed statistics of what body parts and target groups you have been working on and what you've spent your time on.



  • Create your own versions of the games.
  • From your own awesome songs in Roxer to your epic cities in Crusher.
  • Make it YOUR game.



  • Share your creations with your friends or even the whole world.
  • Get detailed statistics on how people are playing your creations!
  • Play what others have created.


Make new friends

  • Find friends from all over the world.
  • Invite them into games.
  • Chat, play and have fun!


What will you need to use STASISM?

To use Stasism, you only need a simple computer/laptop with Windows 10+ and an off-the-shelf web camera. We will send you a balance board, and our service is designed to be low cost and highly accessible. The cost for a home user is $120/year or $10/month, and one license offers accounts to all family members.

Stasism requirements to get you started.


Simple Deskptop Computer or Laptop with Windows 10 and up.

An off-the-shelf web camera.

We will send you a balance board.



Stasism is a service that constantly delivers new games, exercises, features, rewards, and much more. We will continue to work with doctors, therapists, scientists, and people with disabilities to create more helpful tools, games, analytics, and more. Our aim is to make life more enjoyable for everyone through friendship and play.

Similand is the perfect sandbox game for people who want to explore their creativity and make new friends. In this emotional virtual world, you can build houses, arrange games, and chat with others in real time. The possibilities are endless! Whether you're looking for a fun way to kill some time or you're trying to connect with people from all over the world, Similand is the perfect game for you.


Stasism has been piloted on people with disabilities in the age range of 3-75, and it is the result of 6 years of research and development. We hope you will love it as much as we have loved making it.

 Join Us  Today and let's make physical therapy fun!