How to add patients

As a Therapist, you can add patients so you can monitor their progress at any time. To add a patient you have to click on the patients account:

Afterward, within the pop-up window, you can click “Manage Patient Accounts.

This will open the Patient Account page where you can add a patient by pressing the following button:

In the Add patient page, you can put the displayed name for the patient (1), an Avatar icon (2) and at the end you press Save (3) to add the patient in your list:

After doing these easy steps, you can see your patient under Patients Account:

At any time you can switch to the patient’s account by clicking the name of the patient from the Patient Accounts window(image above), or from the Patient Account page: 

The options that you have are:

  • Switch to the patient’s account
  • Edit its display name and Avatar icon
  • Deactivate the patient’s account
  • Delete the patient’s account

You can go back to the Therapist’s account by clicking the Patient’s Profile(1) and then the button Back to Therapist Account (2).