A revolutionary holistic online social platform that offers a range of games, assessments, and exercises for physical therapy.

It is the result of 6 years of research and development.

Therapeutic games


Target everything from the smallest body part to full body

Every game shows what body parts are targeted.

Most games have more than one way to play them

A patient can play solo in single player games or together with a therapist/doctor or friend. 

A therapist or doctor can create their own versions of their games for tailor made results for a patient.

Stasism supports multiple 3rd party games that we have handcrafted controls for.

 Patients now have the option to supplement their physical therapy with some of their favorite games.

Using Stasism, therapists and doctors can easily create customized versions of games, tailored to their patients' needs.
These versions can be shared with other patients and healthcare professionals, or even made available to the public.

There are numerous assessments available for therapists to choose from.

Stasism provides multiple assessment tools to assist doctors and therapists in evaluating their patients, including static and dynamic balance, shoulder flexion, and much more. Users can browse all historical data to track the progress of their patients and create customized treatment programs.

We have numerous exercises available.

Stasism offers a wide range of exercises that doctors and therapists can use to facilitate the therapeutic treatment of their patients. Each exercise comes with comprehensive historical data, allowing users to track the progress of both the exercise and the patient.

Make friends or enable a therapist to connect with a patient, chat with them, invite them into games and more.

Using Stasism, you can set target goals for the amount of time a patient should spend on exercises, and they will receive rewards when they reach those targets. Rewards can include new avatars, currency, and more.

Additionally, patients can earn achievements when they complete their therapy within games.

This system is designed to keep patients motivated to continue their therapy.

Statistics/Historical Data/Session Replay

At Stasism, we track how patients are using the platform for their therapeutic needs. Therapists and doctors can review comprehensive historical data and replay sessions that are particularly interesting. They can also observe trends over time in how a patient is developing or recovering, and view detailed data for each and every body part.

Patient A has presented with impaired range of motion (ROM) in the shoulder joint. To assess the extent of the impairment, two Stasism evaluations were performed with play sessions interspersed in between.

After an additional period of time and a play session during which the patient's ROM was reviewed, a third assessment was conducted. Based on the graph, it appears that the patient had an engaging session compared to their previous assessments.

Further analysis of the patient’s activity at that time reveals that they were participating in a game of “Crusher.”

To gain a better understanding of the patient's condition, it may be beneficial to review the particular 'Crusher' play session and analyze the patient's movements, with a focus on their ROM, in order to identify any notable characteristics.

Therapy at Home

STASISM enables hospitals and doctors to provide patients with an account and training program that they can use at home to continue their treatment. The doctor can then remotely monitor the patient's performance and progress.

This makes it possible for therapists to potentially treat more patients, as they can quickly review the results remotely.

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