At Stasism, our vision is to create a holistic social online gaming platform that provides therapeutic physical video games made for people with disabilities and people in need of physiotherapy. Our platform is designed to promote inclusivity, empowerment, accessibility, and innovation, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the physical, mental, and social well-being of our community. We strive to be the leading provider of social gaming experiences for people with disabilities or injuries, breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities for our community to connect, learn, and grow through gaming and friendship.



At Stasism, we believe in creating an inclusive and accessible world for all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities. We recognize the unique challenges faced by people with cerebral palsy and are committed to empowering them through our platform. Our core values are:


We believe that everyone should have access to fun and engaging activities, regardless of their physical abilities.


We aim to empower people with cerebral palsy by providing them with a platform that is designed specifically for their needs.


We are committed to making our platform as accessible as possible, using the latest technology and design principles to ensure that everyone can participate.


We believe that the power of social connections can be transformative, and we aim to build a vibrant community of people with cerebral palsy who can come together and enjoy our platform.




Final Words

  • The aim of Stasism is to make physical treatment more enjoyable for us all through friendship and play, at the same time as making it more efficient, cost effective and improving how patients are treated.
  • Developed by professional game developers, doctors, therapists and researchers.
  • It has been piloted on people in the age range of 3-75.
  • The result of 6 years of research and development.
  • Used by clinics in Ukraine, Spain & Ireland.
  • Multicultural development with team members from Norway, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Turkey & England.
  • We hope you will love it as much as we have loved making it!

 Stasism  Awaits you!