How to create training programs

  1. In order to access the Training Programs, you can press the highlighted icon in the image below. If you move your mouse over this icon, a small text box will appear saying with the text “Training Programs”.
  2. To create a Training Program, click the “Create” button, to the right of the page.
  1. In this page, there are 4 fields to fill.
    1. The name of the Training Program, in field 1 of the screenshot.
    2. The difficulty of the Program, in field 2, according to the intensity and external criteria of the professional.
    3. A brief description of the Program, in field 3. This will be useful when sharing the Program publicly or inside your organization.
    4. In field 4, select if you want this Program to be shared with the public (every user with a Stasism account), within your organization or just yourself.
  1. Towards the bottom of the page, you can find the planning for the program. There are two buttons in that area.
    1. Button 1 will add a new activity to the respective day. A day can have several activities.
    2. Button 2 will add a new day to the Program. This Program can have as many days as the user wants. 
  1. After clicking “Add Activity”, a pop-up window will appear as the one below. There are 3 main areas here.
    1. In area 1, select the type of activity you wish. You can choose between Games, Exercises, Assessments and Third-Party Games.
    2. In area 2, the different activities of that type will appear. Take into account that there might be more than the ones being displayed, you can see them all by using the scrollbar to the right of the activities.
    3. In area 3, select the control type the patients will use. After selecting a control type, the Add button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up will highlight. Click it to save the activity.
  1. After creating the activities, their order can be changed. To do that, you need to move your mouse to the activity you wish to move. Buttons will appear under the activity. The left and right buttons will change the order to earlier or later in the program in the same day while the up and down arrows will move the activity to an earlier or later day. Lastly, a garbage bin allows you to delete the activity.
  1. In order to help achieving the goals of the program, each activity needs to have a time objective. When completing it, the patient will be moved to the next activity when suitable. To add one, insert it in the highlighted field in the image below.
  1. When the program is finalized, press the Save button to record it in the system.