What to gift kids with cerebral palsy

What to gift kids with cerebral palsy

The holidays are just around the corner, and we want to make sure we’re ready to welcome them with open arms and a lot of gifts. It’s not an easy task finding a gift for your loved ones, because you want to do it right and you want them to enjoy it. Doing some online Christmas shopping this year rather than popping in any mall or shop, you might be bombarded with tons of offers, glittery discounts and many more. So we wanted to help you out a bit.

What to gift kids with cerebral palsy

Finding the right Christmas gift

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas Eve, getting stockings, lights, jingles and nutcrackers. You feel the rush, you want it to be just right and most of all, you want to make them happy. So you start your early quest for a stunning present.

For kids with cerebral palsy, the Christmas wish list is no different than any kids’ list. There are so many cool ideas out there, and we helped pick out a few. But before that, we wanted to highlight a few elements that can help you pick out a gift for your loved one.

If you’re looking for a toy, object or game, we would recommend first checking out the lettering and seeing if it’s clear, as well as the colors, as offering a gift which has a nice look and feel can make a huge difference. What is more, it’s also great to keep in mind that for kids with cerebral palsy, gifts which encourage movement, coordination or networking will also prove useful in their day to day play. So you might want to have a look at swirl balls, or swings, wrist bells, block towers, Dimpls and more.

Besides games which encourage movement and improve extremity strength, you can also gift plus toys, interactive toys or for example, functional objects such as cardholders.

What to gift kids with cerebral palsy

Choosing gifts for kids with cerebral palsy

The list of gift ideas for kids with cerebral palsy is quite long, but we want to sum it up a bit and thus give you a wide range of stuff to choose from. The only thing we should keep in mind is that we have to make sure that the toy or object is within reach of the childs’ physical ability and that it doesn’t pose a logistic or safety issue.

That being said, let’s move on to our next list of gift ideas for Christmas:

  • Hopper balls – This is a great way of developing motor skills and just having fun around the house. Besides being a fun way to hop jump and bounce, it helps with balance and stiffness in arms.
  • Drums – An instrument that could help your kid develop a love for music and increase the upper arms strength, drums could be a great gift for someone who has an ear for music.
  • Adaptive bikes – Depending on each child’s needs, the bikes come in various sizes, varieties and with several modifications. They’re a great way for them to move around and enjoy a bit of exercise outdoors. You can find some of them here or on different website that sell various types of bikes.
  • Cooking tools – All little chefs need a kitchen of their own and encouraging your child to play with dough, spaghetti, colouring and more can be an amazing sensory experience and a lot of fun too, maybe you play along too!
  • Lego Duplo – This is a fascinating game for kids all over the world, and there’s just no right or wrong in playing this, your kid can play and build according to their own imagination. The Lego Duplo pieces are also bigger and thus easier to hold, which is good for kids struggling with grabbing objects.
What to gift kids with cerebral palsy

We hope this list can help you pick out a great gift for children with cerebral palsy and we are looking forward to develop conversations with you on all our channels on the subject.

Being diagnosed with cerebral palsy doesn’t mean you cannot have fun, doesn’t mean you cannot make new friends or have unique experiences. With Stasism, your child improves their physical form through play. We offer multiplayer serious gaming to parents and kids and a new way of learning and doing therapy right from the comfort of your home. Sign up below or reach out to us to find out more.

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