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The Significance of Classification in Cerebral Palsy Football

Cerebral Palsy Football, also known as CP Football, is a captivating sport that provides individuals with cerebral palsy the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at various levels. It is a modified version of traditional football, played by athletes who have a range of physical impairments caused by cerebral palsy. To ensure fair competition and a level playing field, a robust classification system is implemented. This system not only fosters fair competition but also promotes inclusivity and a sense of belonging within the CP Football community. It ensures that the sport remains accessible and equitable for all participants, regardless of their physical challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of classification in Cerebral Palsy Football, how it fosters inclusivity and fairness, and the impact it has on the sport.

The impact of cerebral palsy on football can vary greatly from one individual to another. Some players may face challenges related to coordination and balance, making it difficult for them to control the ball or move swiftly on the field. Others may have reduced muscle strength or limited range of motion, which can affect their ability to kick or pass the ball effectively. Without a classification system, these differences in functional abilities could create significant disparities in performance and hinder the overall fairness of the game.

The process

The classification process in CP Football involves a comprehensive evaluation of each player’s functional abilities. Experienced classifiers assess various factors such as muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, and balance to determine the appropriate class or category for the player. This process is crucial in ensuring fair competition by minimizing the advantage of certain impairments over others. It allows players to compete against others with similar challenges, where their skills and abilities can be accurately assessed and recognized.

Furthermore, the classification system in CP Football plays a pivotal role in promoting inclusivity. By categorizing players based on their abilities rather than disabilities, it helps create an environment where athletes with cerebral palsy can participate and thrive. Each classification category represents a specific functional profile, allowing individuals with different impairments to compete against their peers. This inclusive approach breaks down barriers and encourages participation from athletes with varying levels of physical challenges. It sends a powerful message that everyone, regardless of their disability, has the opportunity to engage in sports and be part of a team.

It’s important to note that the classification process is not a one-time event but an ongoing endeavor. Regular reviews are conducted to reassess players’ functional abilities and ensure that they are placed in the appropriate category that reflects their current skills. This dynamic approach allows for adjustments as players’ abilities may improve or change over time.

Children using Stasim


A ground-breaking partnership between Stasism and CP Football has emerged, driven by a shared vision of transforming the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football’s (IFCPF) classification process through the integration of Stasism’s innovative technologies. By quantifying variables and generating precise data, this collaboration aims to provide a solid foundation for informed decision-making. With every aspect of this joint mission dedicated to dismantling barriers and promoting equitable access to participation, it sets new standards for superior classification practices that benefit all individuals involved.

In conclusion, classification in Cerebral Palsy Football is a crucial element that fosters fair competition and inclusivity. It provides a level playing field where athletes can showcase their skills and compete against others with similar challenges. The classification system acknowledges the diverse range of physical impairments in individuals with cerebral palsy and ensures that each player has the opportunity to participate in football at a level that suits their abilities. CP Football serves as an empowering platform that enables individuals with cerebral palsy to engage in a team sport, develop their skills, and experience the joy of competition. The commitment to classification ensures that the sport remains accessible and equitable, creating a supportive community where everyone can thrive.

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