Like mother, Like daughter

A story of a mother with a daughter with Cerebral Palsy.

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Complications in childbirth and the diagnosis.

Of course, when she started telling me their story, I immediately realized that I had not understood and I would never fully understand. Neither I nor anyone else who had not experienced similar situations. “It all started with the birth of my Amy. There were some complications. Her head and legs were left inside my abdomen, so she was not oxygenated well. “She came out bruised and weighed 1,900grams, but the doctors did not put her in an incubator.” He nods for a while and lowers his gaze. “If they had given her first aid, maybe things would be better now. I left the hospital, and something was wrong with me. A few days later, I saw that my baby could not support her head. There I realized that something was happening. Amy has 80% cerebral palsy. There are several forms of this disease. My child has general dystonia, but fortunately, her mental capacity has not been affected. “We were lucky in that,” she says, and I immediately see that smile again, more confident this time.

Amy and her family are from China. I forgot to mention that she has a younger, healthier sister whom she loves dearly. Wanting to claim better opportunities and seeing that life would be difficult in their homeland, her parents decided to immigrate to the US when Amy was just seven months old. Physical therapies and occupational therapies soon began, which of course continue to this day. Six and a half years old, she managed to take her first steps. From then on, her determination was evident. Of course, her motor functions are limited. Her balance is not good, so everywhere she has her mom together, to support her every step of the way.

The school years

“I was with her at school from the first grade. Of course, I could have her in a special school to receive the appropriate help, but unfortunately, there is no separation for children with motor and mental abilities. “I saw that my child was smart and thirsty for learning, and I felt that if I left her in a special school, I would restrict her from fulfilling her dreams.”

So, because she was not accepted to a regular school without support staff, she decided to go with her every day. When the director wanting to make her realize the importance of this decision, told her that she had to choose either her life or the life of her child, she did not hesitate for a moment.

“Of course, I chose my child. So the two lives became one. And even though I have sacrificed a lot (I do not even have a personal life, nor do I manage to take care of my little daughter properly) I do not regret it. “When you offer so much to someone, you become a better person and stronger.”

A mother who sets aside her personal needs without second thoughts and hesitations so that her child can fulfill their dreams. I do not think there could be a better way to convey the meaning of true love.

Accept and love yourself

When I then asked Amy what she has to advise all those who fall victim to bad behaviors, she with incredible maturity, answers me: “I have to say to those people who reproduce such behaviors that they have the problem, they are mentally immature. By doing so, they are essentially fooling themselves and underestimating themselves. So, I want to advise the victims of these situations to realize this and to love themselves.”

Hope for the future

There are many reasons why Amy and her mother can impress you. Their perseverance, optimism, and unparalleled belief that they can achieve anything. But the highlight of all is the fullness and happiness you see in their eyes.

This attitude of life, to me, is a small reminder of how different your life can be.But there is always a way to overcome obstacles in life.

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