Therapy through play. Cerebral palsy.

Therapists, parents and caretakers have long wanted to incorporate something really fun into their day to day interaction with children with cerebral palsy. Now this is possible. With Stasism.

gies in Cerebral Palsy: Video Games by Stasism

Understanding how Play Improves the Wellbeing of your Child

The concept of play might be a bit broad, but we are first introduced to play from the very first days of our lives, when our parents cuddled us, played with us and so on. Early on, we learn how to laugh, we develop our brains and we grow.

According to the Play and its role in the mental development of the child study by L.S.Vygotsky, ‘’play is not the predominant form of activity, but is, in a certain sense, the leading line of development in the preschool years’’ and that The child moves forward essentially through play activity. It is in this way that play can be termed a leading activity that determines the child’s development.

For children with cerebral palsy, play can offer them joy and happiness, despite the battle they’re fighting everyday to be better. But up until recently, this hasn’t been much talked about. Now there are technologies that can help your child have fun and play just like all their peers.

Technologies in Cerebral Palsy: Video Games by Stasism

gies in Cerebral Palsy: Video Games by Stasism

Assistive technology might be one of the most familiar terms when we talk about cerebral palsy (CP). It is a broad term that includes any type of device or equipment that can be used in order to help a person perform a type of activity. 

But besides assistive technology and communication devices, a new wave of technologies has risen. VR is one of them, but it does involve a lot of downsides as well. However, video games have come into the picture by the help of big companies who want to produce a positive change. According to research, serious games have been used with children with CP since the late 1990s. They help increase motivation and improve coordination. 

At Stasism, we’ve searched for 4 years the balance between play and therapy and came up with the first solution of its kind for people with cerebral palsy. People with CP from all over the world will have access to the first social platform with video games, tailored to their needs and capabilities. They will enjoy a personalized journey and new features and stories every week. 

This will change the way children live their lives on a daily basis, by adding fun and motivation, socialization, to their development. If you know someone with cerebral palsy or are dealing with cerebral palsy in your family, make sure to let them know about this and sign up to be the first to play!

Stasism is a revolutionary new social online platform with therapeutic physical video games made exclusively for people with Cerebral Palsy. The first of its kind, delivering a constant stream of new and exciting games, characters, features and much more, leading to a happier childhood. Discover how.

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