The Game Dev Meetup

Games, games, games and a lot of talent in the room, that’s what we are used to and this time it was no exception. We got to attend a really cool event last month, where one of our game developers was involved and we want to tell you all about it. 

The Game Dev Meet, Porto

Our colleague, Diogo Barroso, participated in the Game Deve Meet in Porto last month and he got to meet up with fellow developers to talk about games, new developments, improvements in the games they’ve helped design and overall share important feedback and information. The event took place at the youth organisation called NCGM-FEUP. It is an initiative that Diogo and some friends started back in Porto, meant to enhance their skills and knowledge on game development.

It is targeted towards students mainly, but also indie game developers and just overall game enthusiasts. It’s a gathering meant to showcase their games, play some new games before their releases and make new connections as well. 

Diogo showcased Hex and Up You Go, some of our games, and got feedback on them, whilst also talking about his own experience and how he got to do this job. What’s really fantastic about this get-together is that Diogo, such as other fellow game devs got to talk a bit and share their insights on getting in the industry, sharing tips with the students. The chance that the students get is to really sit down and experience first hand what a game developer does and how they come to do this job and think about whether this is the career path they would like to choose or not. 

Every opportunity to network, meet other developers and just exchange ideas on how to improve games and make the user experience better is one that we take advantage of as we are putting all our efforts into creating better games every day.

Credit photos to the student association which you can find on Facebook and on their website. Thanks for their involvement, and we hope we will see them again in Lisbon or somewhere else!

If you want to have a look onto our game library, here is a list we’ve put together. If you want to try some of our games our or if you are interested in cerebral palsy video games just feel free to send us a message:)

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