Simple Fun Activities To Do With Cerebral Palsy

We’ve been spending some time lately trying to search and find out what you need in terms of activities to do with your child with cerebral palsy (CP), as well as funny, entertaining ones. So we’ve scoured the grounds of the Internet to try and come up with a looong list of actitivies for CP. And here we are!

I Am A Parent of a Child with CP and I Want Us to Have Fun

We know how challenging it can be to manage multiple schedules at the same time, therapy sessions, play time and school time, and so on. But we also know that parents who have children with cerebral palsy also need some down time. And sometimes, all you need is an evening to play games, watch series, eat popcorn and play with your kids. Having fun together is important and it brings everyone closer.

Play Video Games

I bet you probably wouldn’t think of video games as the first option, but you should know that the first video games for kids with cerebral palsy are here now. Well, now they are in beta testing, but they will launch pretty soon. And if you want to be some of the first ones to sign up and try them out, you can do so here.

If you are asking yourself HOW is this possible, well, we have done extensive research together with doctors, therapists and top game developers. We’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who owns a laptop or a PC should be able to play, with no need for buying extra stuff or buying expensive equipment. Through the use of the webcam and our incorporated sensors from the game, kids can perform movements according to their level of motor skills. They can also choose to try to improve their movement by actually adding in their goals on their profile. With the help of AI, the platform will show them what they can do in order to improve. And all these whilst still having fun!

Video games are so popular that they have created a revolution in the entertainment industry, providing limitless fun and challenges to the players. Even if you have cerebral palsy or someone in your family is affected by it, this doesn’t mean they are not able to play. They can and it’s easier than ever. They can also play together with friends and family, from the confort of their own home.

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