An introduction to Stasism

Growth through play for teens with cerebral palsy

An introduction to Stasism, a new digital medium for physical therapy and fun. Making use of technology to develop a platform for youth with cerebral palsy that transforms physical exercise into joy, thrill, excitement.


In today’s age we use technology on a daily basis for all sorts of tasks, from the most mundane ones to very specific ones, catered to our own needs and wants. It is so present in our lives with nearly everything going digital. Along with rapid technological progressions, adapting and finding new ways for our growth and development is crucial.

For children and young adults diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we realised that there is a gap in opportunities. Thus, we envisioned a new way of using technology to improve their development. After years of research and studies, we created the first online platform that converts their daily routine physical exercises into a joy of living through gaming. Stasism is a new online platform for kids and young adults with cerebral palsy that transforms the daily physical exercise into a never before experienced cheerfulness. 


Parents, carers and therapists can now use serious gaming and the numerous features of Stasism in their homes or in sessions in therapy. This is a breakthrough in products that have been designed for people with cerebral palsy. It offers a unique thrilling experience that motivates your child, and helps them perform physical and cognitive exercise. It allows them to be part of a new world, filled with fun, joy and laughter, rather than boredom and passivity towards physical exercise.

The platform integrates a series of features such as multiplayer online serious gaming, learning and development modules for at home care or therapy, an AI based system that allows for better personalization and many others. We will gradually introduce you to each of its features and immerse you into the Stasism world for your child as we go along.

We are hoping you will join us in this journey and if you want to be one of the ones who find out first about its launch, please leave your details below or contact us through social media. Or feel free to sign up below and receive a message for when it launches.

Stasism is a digital platform for young people with cerebral palsy that motivates them to perform physical exercise through play, fun and games. It also has a series of advantages for at home therapy or in session and it makes development smoother and also more filled with excitement.

Stasism is a revolutionary new social online platform with therapeutic physical video games made exclusively for people with Cerebral Palsy. The first of its kind, delivering a constant stream of new and exciting games, characters, features and much more, leading to a happier childhood. Discover how.

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