Cerebral palsy: What it is and how it can be treated

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a neurological condition triggered by brain damage and is the most common movement disability in children. Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive chronic disease that occurs in the early stages while the embryo is developing in the womb, or short after birth.

How does cerebral palsy affect people?

Cerebral palsy mainly affects movement and coordination, although it can manifest in a variety of ways. It can also affect speech, learning, hearing, vision and it can even give spinal deformities. It’s important to remember however that each individual is affected differently and the condition can be improved with therapy, physical exercise and the right support.

Cerebral palsy: What it is and how it can be treated

Some of the most severely affected people have even grown to be pro athletes, such as Justin Gallegos, who could barely walk, let alone run. But through a rigorous exercise schedule, help from therapists, and most importantly, the mental strength and perseveration, he managed to run professionally and win marathons.

Children and young adults with cerebral palsy grow to lead lives where they can do a variety of activities. That’s why it’s important to know what cerebral palsy is and how it can be treated.

Actitivies suggestions

Although this might sound completely out of topic, horse riding apparently can reduce stress levels and improve muscle coordination as well as hand-eye coordination. Riding a horse offers the rider control over their muscles and movements and it can increase the overall balance. Not to mention that if your child loves horses, than this is the perfect outdoors activities for them.

Cerebral palsy: What it is and how it can be treated

Other activities that people with cerebral palsy can try out are: swimming and bowling. It’s also recommended that as much of the time as possible is spent outdoors. Doing exercise in the water or purely just swimming can improve muscle strength. It has no impact on the joints and it’s one of the easiest ways to exercise. Whether it’s an indoors our outdoors pool, your kid will have fun while also improving their muscle tone.

Of course, the list of activities is much longer for kids and adults with cerebral palsy. They can perform more activities than the ones mentioned, depending on their level of motor skills. However, arts and crafts, music, origami, graffiti and lots of other hobbies, interests and activities are some of the most popular, alongside with games and entertainment.

How can cerebral palsy be treated?

While there is no cure for cerebral palsy, the quality of life of a child or young adult with cerebral palsy can be improved. Through treatment that might include surgery, therapy and special equipments, this can happen.

One positive side about cerebral palsy is that it doesn’t worsen in time. If taken into consideration from the early beginning, it can significantly improve the life of the child.

Cerebral palsy: What it is and how it can be treated

Therapy occupies a crucial role in people’s lives with cerebral palsy. It splits into several categories, physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy. The treatment plan usually manages pain and optimizez mobility and it is the main element in minimizing the child’s symptoms. Alongside therapy, surgery, medicine, assistive technology and more recently, gaming, can all positively impact a child with cerebral palsy. Parents and caretakers can also undertake therapy together with the child. This can help gain a better understanding of the condition and to make it easier for them to learn and to develop beautifully together.

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