Cerebral Palsy Toys: What To Gift a Child With Cerebral Palsy for Christmas?

Cerebral Palsy Toys: What To Gift a Child With Cerebral Palsy for Christmas?

The holiday season is knocking on our doors. And slowly, slowly, as we unwrap a tiny chocolate everyday from our Advent calendar, we know Christmas is getting nearer. We get wrapped up in the holiday spirit and we start upon our quest for the perfect Christmas gift. And in the case of cerebral palsy toys and gifts, well, we’ve got a whooole list for you to get through.

Finding the Perfect Gifts For Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Toys: What To Gift a Child With Cerebral Palsy for Christmas?

It might not necessarily be the easiest to find cerebral palsy toys, but we’ve got tons of ideas to make your Christmas shopping this year easier. Last year’s Christmas guide for kids with cerebral palsy was pretty successful, but now we’ve found even more interesting ones. From toddlers to young adults with cerebral palsy, it’s important that they find these gifts entertaining. 

Now we’d like to also point out that you can also enhance your gift giving this year by stepping up and getting creative with the packaging. And we don’t mean go out and buy expensive wrapping paper, but rather come up with ideas such as making a scavenger hunt for them to find it in the house. Or wrapping up something tiny in a bigger box and then another bigger box so it’s harder to unwrap. Every little fun discovery that you can add on to your gift could make it unforgettable!

Make them have a laugh. This year, maybe more than ever, during a pandemic, kids need to have some serious laughs! And if you choose one of our gift ideas below, they sure will!

Cerebral Palsy Toys and Gifts for Chidlren with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Toys: What To Gift a Child With Cerebral Palsy for Christmas?
  • Lego duplo

Always a really good idea, it is easy to play with and puts your child’s imagination to the test. The big blocks will help them navigate play easily

Might not seem like the perfect toy gift, however, it is a great motor building toy. It can be stuck to windows, high chairs and more. And a larger squigs is also available, that includes tactile experiences

  • Hopper ball

The hopper ball can be great for helping a child with cerebral palsy move and why not, have fun and have a laugh while hopping back and forth? I would still go on it as well, even though I am an adult, so rest assured kids will love it!

Video games

Yup, exactly as you read it, video games for children with cerebral palsy. Leave aside the cerebral palsy toys and you will find a vast array of video games who will turn their everyday routine into the best fun they’ve had! Sign up here and be the first to know when they launch. 

MusicGlove is a gamified hand therapy device that helps peolpe perform repetitions and can be used as a rehab tool as well. It can also be quite fun as you get to play some music and compose.

This is one of the fat brain toys that we recommend for kids with cerebral palsy. Each of the pins has amazing textures to feel and has a weighted base which wobbles. It’s super fun and entertaining!

Might have never heard of this one before, but it can be a very cool way to keep them busy during these festive days. They can build sandcastles, they can use it to pack it or add objects to it,making hand imprints, have a treasure hunt. And the list doesn’t end here!

We hope you enjoyed our list of Christmas gifts for children with cerebral palsy this year:) Definitely one of the newest and revolutionary gifts you can offer are the video games designed especially for people with cerebral palsy. You can get a glimpse here of what awaits in the new social platform called Stasism.

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