Cerebral Palsy Covid Vaccine

Cerebral palsy covid vaccine

Cerebral palsy covid vaccine

Covid has taken over the vast majority of the news and of our lives in the past year and a half. And it’s completely natural that more and more questions pop in our minds with every day that goes by. Many questions are left unanswered, but for some, there is scientific evidence to complete our information.

People with Cerebral Palsy Are Worried About Taking the COVID Vaccine

Cerebral palsy covid vaccine

From our conversations on Clubhouse with people who have cp or have kids with cerebral palsy, we’ve seen that there is a certain feeling of not having enough information on the COVID-19 vaccine for people with disabilities. In the case of cerebral palsy, we find out from the official website of CDC that having a disability does not put you at higher risk for getting COVID-19. However, other factors such as being in close contact with a lot of people, not wearing a mask, not respecting the rules of general hygiene and others might put you more at risk.

Indeed, people with cerebral palsy seem more worried about getting the covid vaccine, however, we recommend analysing your particular situation with your family doctor. Other associated conditions such as diabetes,obesity, and so on might affect your overall health. It is important that you talk to the doctor that has the most information on your health state and that you consider all possible side effects as well.

Is Your Condition on the Underlying Conditions List? Have a Look

If you have cerebral palsy and another underlying condition, you might be wary of whether to have a covid vaccine or not. With regards to underlying conditions, there are lists published on reliable websites with these conditions that you can check out. You can find one of them on the CDC website. You can also find one on the NHS website. One thing to mention is that the conditions are added when there is enough evidence to support adding them on the list.

If you do have an underlying condition, it is better to assess the risks, if they are higher or not in the case of catching COVID-19, with the help of professionals. We recommend not guiding yourself after what is posted on forums, groups,etc. Each individual’s setup is different and each case needs to be dealt with separately. No situation of two people with cerebral palsy is the same.

Where to Go and Ask for Help or Find Ressources

We know that when we’re in a situation of deciding whether we want to take a left or right turn, you need info, period. And while there’s not that many information available on COVID vaccination for people with cerebral palsy, there are a few websites you can check out for more details on this:

We will constantly update this blog post with the latest information. Watch our space here.

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