Cerebral palsy and intelligence: effects?

Cerebral palsy and intelligence: effects?

Once you receive the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, a whirlwind of questions arises in your mind. It’s not easy, it can be overwhelming and it can leave you thinking where this will lead to.

Cerebral Palsy: why it happens?

Cerebral palsy occurs when during, before or after birth there is a brain injury. This can stem from either from being born too early (premature birth), not getting enough blood, oxygen or nutrients during or before birth, infection or other factors. In many of the cases, the causes are not exactly known. In some of the cases, there have been lawsuits involved medical care during birth, the most recent one being the one of a doctor in Iowa who is now facing malpractice complaints.

Once your child is diagnosed, you should be aware that this condition does not worsen with time, but it can only get better. That means that through the right kinds of therapy, treatment and support, your child can have a long fulfilling life.

However,coping with cerebral palsy is not an easy task and you may want to seek family and community support. It may help you if you reach out to for example, Cerebral Palsy Community Club on Clubhouse to chat and learn from other parents or people with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy and Cognitive Development

According to Cerebral Palsy Guide, approximately 70% cases of cerebral palsy result from a brain injury. Children with CP often have other conditions as well,as an occurrence of cp or they can be completely unrelated. 

Some of these are speech impairment, lack of coordination, visual impairment and blindness, and intellectual disability.

There can be limitations in cognitive functioning and adaptive behavior. These effects are categorized in the case of CP as mild, moderate and severe.

An estimated two-thirds of children with cerebral palsy have an intellectual disability. Of those children, half have a mild diagnosis and the other half have a moderate to severe intellectual disability, according to Cerebral Palsy Guide.

However, having cp does not mean your child cannot be intelligent. Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive disease, therefore the road to recovery and development can lead to great results.

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