Ahston Kutcher’s twin about cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term known to describe a group of disorders that affect someones’ ability to move and maintain balance. It’s a common condition that affects approximately 1 child in 1000 births worldwide. But when someone famous such as Ashton Kutcher comes forward and talks about it, the term catches even more attention.

Ahston Kutcher's twin about cerebral palsy

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What is cerebral palsy and what are its symptoms?

Ahston Kutcher's twin about cerebral palsy

According to Mayo Clinic, cerebral palsy can mean variations in muscle tone, such as being too stiff or too floppy, lack of balance and muscle coordination. It can also favor one side of the body, meaning one part of the body can be more flexible or stiff, and usually people diagnosed with cerebral palsy have difficulties walking.

‘’Palsy’’ means weakness or problems with using the muscles. Cerebral palsy is caused usually by abnormal brain development and it affects a person throughout their life. Its symptoms vary from one individual to another, and to a different degree. Some people find it easier to move, talk or walk, while others are more restricted and need to use on a daily basis a wheelchair or some other type of support.

We host an article on our blog on what is cerebral palsy and how it can be treated, if you would like to check it out you can find it here on our Blog section. More on the symptoms of cerebral palsy you can find on Cerebral Palsy Guide blog article.

Why did the news of Ahston Kutcher’s brother with cerebral palsy become viral?

Cerebral palsy is a common condition, yet not many people have heard about it around the globe. Unless you work in this field, or have friends or family who have this condition, it is likely you haven’t heard of it. There isn’t a lot of information or a lot of posts on social media about it, unlike other topics such as entertainment.

However, the news that broke that the actor’s twin brother has cerebral palsy has gone around the world, becoming viral. The famous magazine Insider stated that ‘’Michael Kutcher revealed he was angry at his twin brother, Ashton Kutcher, for speaking about his disorder during an interview’’. 

The magazine also states that ‘’In 2003, Ashton talked about his brother’s disorder during a national TV interview despite Michael trying to hide it.

“I was very angry. Very angry. I remember speaking to him about it,” Michael, 43, told “Today” Parents. “I didn’t want to be the face of CP,I never talked about it.” 

The news became viral because the brother of a very famous person was revealed to have cp. And it might have come as a shock to fans and other audiences but in fact, this should be no reason for shame.

Ahston Kutcher’ twin

Ahston Kutcher's twin about cerebral palsy

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Michael Kutcher is the twin brother of the actor Ashton Kutcher. The actor is best known in American television for his roles in series and movies such as ”Job”s or ”Up in the air”. Michael Kutcher recalls in a series of interviews that his brother always stood up for him, ever since they were little kids. His love and support that he has shown despite Michael being bullied were unconditional.

Michael also states that once the news broke that he has cerebral palsy, he was motivated to do more to support people with the same condition. He is also currently involved with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. While his career means he is the Vice President for Transamerica, in his free time he enjoys spending time with family, traveling and playing golf.

He says in an interview with ET Online:

“I realized I needed to let go of the shame I felt and be a champion for people like Bella,” “I was finally ready to tell my story and I knew because of my twin, I’d have a big reach.”

We think that this sort of publicity if we may say so, of educating people on cerebral palsy, showing support towards others, getting involved in organisations who help others is only but a positive one. And we do hope more people spread the word about cp and integrate people with the condition in their environments.

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