What is STASISM?

STASISM is a holistic social online gaming platform createdfor people with disabilities and those in need of physiotherapy. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic physical video games, exercises and assessments that focus on improving an individual's motor skills, coordination and balance. We believe in a holistic approach to therapy, which is why our platform offers a social and rewarding experience to encourage users to continue their therapy for the foreseeable future.


What will you need to use STASISM?

Stasism requirements to get you started.


Simple Deskptop Computer or Laptop with Windows 10 and up.

An off-the-shelf web camera.

We will send you a balance board.


How to Play?

  • Each game is adjusted to your patient, and they can play with whatever range of motion they have, using their fingers, hands, arms, legs, head, torso or even their mouth.
  • All games are played physically! The most immersive way possible.
  • Forget that you are doing physical therapy! Just play, have fun and get the benefits for FREE!



  • Each game shows what body parts are targeted.
  • You can target everything from the smallest body part , to full body exercises to balance and cognitive training.


More Games



  • Play together with old and new friends from anywhere in the world!
  • Enjoy quality time, that is beneficial, with your child.
  • Playing together is always more fun!


3rd Party Games

  • We support several 3rd party games
  • Play your favourite games physically!
  • From Minecraft, to Pinball to even Call Of Duty and many more.
  • Each game has a specific therapeutic goal.
  • Let your patients play their favourite games physically!
  • All session data goes back into the platform


Targeted Therapy

  • Select which areas you would like to focus the therapy on.
  • Stasism will then show suggested games & exercises and automatically adjust these to the patients physical abilities and skills.


Training Programs

  • Choose an already prepared therapy program or create your own program to meet the needs of your patient.



  • Multiple complex assessments tools made easy to use.
  • Static Balance, Dynamic Balance, ROM, Precision, Up & Go and much more.
  • Replace a Force Plate (€30k+) with our Balance Board.

*Validation of the Balance Board™ for Clinical Evaluation of Balance Through Different Conditions


Rapid Measure Tool

  • Powerful tool to create any kind of assessments to evaluate your patient.
  • Create any kind of assessment in mere seconds!
  • Use what your colleagues have created, and share your own.



  • Ever expanding interactive exercise library available for you.
  • Realtime compare previous performance with current session.


International Federation of CP Football

  • Exercise/Assessment made specifically for the International Federation of CP Football.
  • Made  in collaboration with IFCPF classification experts.


Detailed Therapy Data

  • See what your patients have been working on.
  • Get detailed information about usageROM, Velocity, Acceleration, session information and more.
  • Time travel to any point of already done therapy, and review their movements, usage and more.
  • Rapidly follow up your patient on premises or remotely.
See what your patients have been working on.
Get detailed information about usageROM, Velocity, Acceleration, session information and more.


Remote Examples

  • Evaluate patient at hospital/clinic. 
  • Do initial therapy session with doctor/therapist.
  • Assign or creates a new therapy program on Stasism for the patient.
  • Patient continues their therapy at home, using Stasism.
  • Review the patient's performance remotely using our advanced tooling. Review their performance, and adjust their treatment if needed.
  • Remotely update, change or assign new therapy programs, assessments, exercises or call the patient back in to the hospital/clinic.
  • Save time and cost for both patients and hospitals in a remote setting.

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Final Words

  • The aim of Stasism is to make physical treatment more enjoyable for us all through friendship and play, at the same time as making it more efficient, cost effective and improving how patients are treated.
  • Developed by professional game developers, doctors, therapists and researchers.
  • It has been piloted on people in the age range of 3-75.
  • The result of 6 years of research and development.
  • Used by clinics in Ukraine, Spain & Ireland.
  • Multicultural development with team members from Norway, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Turkey & England.
  • We hope you will love it as much as we have loved making it!

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