Here are some of the people involved in the Stasism project:

About Us

Kjetil Helland

Kjetil Helland is the CEO of HuginTech and the leader of the Stasism project. He has over 20+ years experience leading large projects and has been in the professional gaming industry for most of his adult life. He has 6 years of experience with doing research and development of therapeutic video games for people with Cerebral Palsy.

Oleh Kachmar

Oleh Kachmar, MD, PhD, Deputy Director for Science and Research at the Rehabilitation Center Elita. He graduated as a medical doctor in 1984 and completed his PhD thesis in 1997 on measuring posture and movement in Cerebral Palsy patients. His research interest focuses on medical rehabilitation, information technologies in health care and special computer games for motor rehabilitation. Oleh has more than 50 publications in national and international journals and conference proceedings. Oleh Kachmar is a member of the General Management Committee of the European Academy of Childhood Disability (, the largest academic association of professionals working with children with disability throughout Europe.

Anna Kushnir

Anna Kushnir, MD, medical research assistant, pediatrician. She graduated from Russian National Medical University in Moscow as a medical doctor in 2015, and completed residency in Pediatrics in 2016. She has several years of experience in rehabilitation research and in using video games for therapy. Anna is a member of the European Academy of Childhood Disability. Her research interest includes new approaches in medical rehabilitation.

Sofia Tsimidopoulou

Sofia is our social wizard & our community fairy. You can talk to her anytime on our social media channels and our weekly chats on Clubhouse. She has created our Cerebral Palsy community on Clubhouse that you can be a part of and she is in charge of interviewing people with cerebral palsy, whose stories you will find so inspiring. She writes on our blog about Stasism and shares our insights from our games on Twitter and Facebook. She loves creating positive and empowering spaces for others and she is growing our community into one of the most amazing and welcoming ones. Communicate directly with her on any of our social media!

Development Team

The Stasism platform is being developed by Software Engineers, Therapists, Doctors, Game Programmers, Researchers, Designers & Artists. We are all super passionate about what we are building and we are really looking forward to sharing Stasism with the world!

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This service is part of the AbleGames project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement Nº 958637

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