Stasism is a revolutionary new social online platform with therapeutic physical video games made exclusively for people with Cerebral Palsy.

The first of its kind, delivering a constant stream of new and exciting games, characters, features and much more, leading to a happier childhood.

Science Based

All of the development of the Stasism platform has been done in cooperation with doctors and therapists. An article about our games have been published in “Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine”.

You can find the article here:

Tools to Measure

Multiple tools are available for you, to assist in your assessment of a patient with Cerebral Palsy. We have everything from dynamic balance tests, to static balance tests, to range-of-motion tests.

We have also created, as a world first, a test creation tool, where you, as a doctor/therapist/researcher, can easily, with just a few mouse clicks, create your own tests or measuring tools!

Static Balance Test/Posturography for balance evaluation

Our Static Balance Test is a test that uses posturography for balance evaluation. The results of the tests can be exported for further examination in e.g. Microsoft Excel.

Our test is based on the following papers:

“Revision of posturography based on force plate for balance evaluation”

““Validation of the Balance Board for Clinical Evaluation of Balance Through Different Conditions””

One of the conclusions is that we can replace a high cost Force Plate with a low cost Balance Board.

Use Video Games

A vast library of games crafted by professional developers utilizing the research and expertise of a number of leading doctors and therapists in the field of Cerebral Palsy is here to give you a new tool for your therapy sessions.

Stasism incorporates advanced but affordable technology, blending a sophisticated motion capture system with deep learning software and a balance board.

Therapist Community

Stasism has a separate therapist community, where you can discuss and share findings with your peers across borders.

GMFCS Levels

Stasism supports, and has been piloted on, GMFCS Level II, III & IV.

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This service is part of the AbleGames project which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement Nº 958637

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